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JULY 27 2010

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JULY 05 2010

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

1 (Movie) One Piece Movie 10 : Strong World

Strong World is the tenth feature film in the One Piece franchise. It is the first film to additionally star Chō as Brook. It was released December 12, 2009.[40] This film has a prequel in the manga showing the origins of Shiki and was published in an issue of Shonen Jump. This is the first film Eiichiro Oda personally wrote, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the anime series.

The story takes place just after the "Thriller Bark" anime storyline. It is also Brook's first film appearance as a Straw Hat Pirate. The plot involves the East Blue under siege by a ruthless pirate named Shiki.


The film begins with Vice Admiral Garp and Fleet Admiral Sengoku witnessing Shiki's ship floating in the sky overhead. Shiki gives a warning signal to the Marines by using his Devil Fruit powers to destroy the marine vessels. On a floating island, Luffy is chased by a genetically-enhanced animal. The monster is overcome by another, which in turn battles another several times until Luffy finally defeats the third monster. The Straw Hats have been separated: Sanji with Usopp, Zoro with Chopper, and finally Robin, Franky, and Brook together who are all encountering similar animals.

Nami, meanwhile, is swimming in a large swimming pool. Shiki reveals that she has been taken to this place against her will and a brief flashback is shown: several days earlier, the Straw Hats read news of an attack on East Blue. Luffy vows to protect the East Blue and attempts to warn them, but Shiki unknowingly records the warning. Shiki meets Nami and reveals his powers to make any inanimate object he touches float. After learning it was Nami that delivered the warning, Shiki offers to take them there before escaping with Nami. The others try to rescue her, but Shiki makes the pirates scatter on the island.

Shiki asks Nami to become his navigator but she refuses. Dr. Indigo appears with an 'evolved' bird, called Billy, that can use electricity, demonstrating it to Shiki, but after being electrocuted by it, Shiki rejects it. It is explained that a plant here, called IQ, can cause animals to evolve instantly and to increase strength along the way. Nami protects Billy, and the bird is left with her as Shiki and his men leave. Meanwhile, Sanji and Usopp battle various animals while Sanji searches for Robin and Nami. Meanwhile, Zoro and Chopper rescue a young girl, Xiao, and are lead to her village and are told about the large poisonous plants around the village. However, long term exposure to the plants is poisonous to humans, and the girl's grandmother has become ill by it. Xiao was looking for the cure which is the IQ plant, but Shiki has stolen the IQ plants for his experiments. Sanji and Usopp learn that Shiki also takes all the men and young women to his royal palace, leaving the village with only the very young and old, before meeting up with Zoro and Chopper.

Nami manages to escape her captivity with the help of Billy, and finds the Thousand Sunny before Luffy arrives. After talking about what had happened, they use Billy to fly to the others. Robin's group, meanwhile, learn that Shiki is planning to release the animals on the island into East Blue to force the surrender of the World Government. They also learn that to demonstrate the power of the animals he is planning a demonstration against a village on the floating island. The two join the others at the village, and they also learn of the plan from the village residents. Shiki, in an attempt to capture her, confronts and defeats the Straw Hats. Nami is forced to rejoin Shiki at the cost of her village. Nami records a message, using the tone dial, which is supposed to be a farewell message. Robin's group arrives shortly after and rejoin the rest of the crew. Xiao gives them the dial for them to hear Nami's message, causing Luffy to be angered.

Shiki finds that Nami is attempting to destroy the plants protecting his palace, but was overcome by the poison. Shiki traps her near the plants and heads off to meet the pirate captains gathering. While greeting them, the Straw Hats burst into the palace and engages Shiki and his henchmen. The group manages to defeat them while Chopper and Usopp are ordered to search for Nami. Nami is found by Billy who helps destroy the plants just as Usopp and Chopper arrive. Chopper soon realizes the only way to save Nami is to find the IQ medicine, but Shiki attempts to stop them. However, Luffy engages him in a duel. The two find the IQ plant, but find the medicine is being held by Dr. Indigo. Zoro manages to defeat Dr. Indigo and Nami recovers. Sanji and Brook, meanwhile, witness another of Shiki's henchmen, Scarlet, attempting to kiss an unconscious Robin. Sanji defeats him, but Brook ends up receiving Robin's thanks when he catches her.

Luffy is getting brutally outmatched by Shiki when he receives a storm warning from his Transponder Snail, asking him to redirect the island. The call was in fact coerced by Usopp and Chopper, and that Nami has lead them directly into the storm. Upon realizing this, the remaining pirates retreat, while the Straw Hats rig the palace with explosives. Shiki returns to the palace and confronts them, but Luffy uses an electric charge and releases his attack, defeating Shiki. The other Straw Hats escape using the Thousand Sunny, using Shiki's pirate sail as a parachute. Luffy is recovered by Billy while the villagers are shown flying away using the wings on their arms. While they descend to the ocean it is revealed that on the other half of the message, Nami in fact asked them to save her. At the end of the film, the Marines capture the retreating pirates, including Shiki, and witnessing the islands crash into the sea, now free of Shiki's power. The Thousand Sunny is seen in the sky and they prepare to attack it. Back at Marine Headquarters, Sengoku comments that the Straw Hats were the ones to deal with this, and the Marines did nothing.

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